Air Washers

Sarco Aircon Pvt Ltd Offers High Quality Single Skin Air Washers as per coustomer requirement.

Capacity Available : 2000 to 40000 CFM
    with single Blower & 4000 to 80000 CFM
    with Single & multiple blowers.
Base Frame : The total assembly is mounted
    on a horizontal member of channels.
Fan Section : Constructed in GI/SS Sheet with
    Inspection Doors.
Wet Section : Constructed in GI/SS Sheet.
Water Tank : Constructed in GI /SS.
Blower : Dynamically Balaced Forward
    Curved, DIDW Type Make Imported.
Cellulose Paper Pad : Imported.
Electric Motor : Three Phase, TEFC squirrel cage induction motor of standard makes.
Drive Pulley : V-Groove with/without Taper Lock hub.
V-Belts : Fenner make.
Pump : standard makes.
Filter : HDPE/Aluminum/GI Mesh Filter, Micro Vee, as per requirement.
Pipe Fittings : PVC/GI piping with all Necessary fittings such as float valve, quick fill,
    overflow & drain ports.


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